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Lightning strikes on Jupiter can look so amazing

NASA's Juno probe has been studying Jupiter's dense atmosphere for 4 years. Thanks to her, we learned that it is an incredibly dynamically changing place. In addition to the constantly raging powerful cyclones there, gigantic lightning strikes are also created there.

Apophis, the asteroid of doom is accelerating. The risk of collision with the Earth is increasing

Apophis is the name of the demon of darkness and chaos in ancient Egyptian mythology. This term is a perfect fit for an asteroid that is expected to hit our planet on Friday the 13th and end or change the future of our civilization. As more information was obtained about it, the vision of Earth's destruction began to recede, so it became quiet about it. Now, however, the topic returns as the latest data indicate that the risk of an impact has started to increase strongly.

The Chinese built an airplane drive that allows you to fly around the Earth in 2 hours

The Chinese have improved the jet drive with a supersonic combustion chamber, which is considered the future of aviation. Their invention is called the Sodramjet. Engineers managed to overcome the difficulties of its operation at supersonic speeds. Well, the special design of the engine allowed the use of sound booms to accelerate combustion, which increased the efficiency of the system accordingly.

Here is the most accurate image of a sunspot ever taken from the surface of the Earth

The newest images come from the new Solar Telescope. Daniela K. Inouye, which was established on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Heliophysicists boast that they will now be able to monitor the processes that determine cosmic weather live. It is of great importance for the functioning of our planet, especially for space installations in Earth's orbit and for manned missions, e.g. to the International Space Station.

Matrix 4 and other blockbuster TV shows on release. HBO Max enters Poland

Of course, HBO cannot be accused of much in terms of the content of HBO Go, i.e. the materials available there, but in terms of quality, it is unfortunately a completely different league than the competition. It is enough to mention here that Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first movie broadcast by this streaming service in 4K quality, although for Netflix or Amazon Prime it has been standard for a long time (not to mention numerous problems of the application, which can be very irritating). It is true that we will wait a little longer, because the European HBO services will be replaced by the Max version only in the second half of next year, but this is undoubtedly great news.

NASA has unveiled the latest images of strange vortices raging in Jupiter's atmosphere

Jupiter is a gaseous planet. There is no mainland on it. Instead, it has an extremely dense atmosphere in which incredibly dynamic processes occur continuously. As a result, cyclones appear there, the images of which are terrifying. Most of them are found near the north and south poles of the planet.

See the beautiful dance of Boston Dynamics robots on the occasion of the upcoming 2021

ATLAS, Spot and Handle surprise with new tricks in the latest video posted on YouTube by Boston Dynamics. We remind you that last month the company became the property of the Korean Hyundai, which intends to further develop the projects of amazing robots, but with a view to using them in the army. The military spares no funds for such technologies, and it is on the battlefields that they can be adopted the fastest.