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Hackers promise to reveal the truth about the origins of the coronavirus on a Trump campaign page

Interestingly, this time hackers are not demanding cryptocurrency from the Donald Trump administration, but are encouraging citizens to donate if they want to know the truth. A message appeared on the president's campaign website that they had access to secret conversations and top secret information, proving that the government of the current president is involved in the outbreak of the coronavirus. The website also featured a special FBI-style message, \"This page has been seized\", in which you can also read that the perpetrators, as a result of access to many devices, obtained information compromising the president and his relatives.

Microorganisms Discovered on Atacama! Similar could / may exist on Mars

Scientists at Cornell University found a wide variety of microorganisms just tens of centimeters below the surface in Atacama's moist clay soil. Researchers are sure that this was how life flourished on Mars billions of years ago. Due to the extreme surface conditions that followed, the microorganisms hid beneath the surface where they protected themselves from radiation and low temperatures.

There is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 mutations alter the characteristics of CoVID-19

The analyzes were carried out by a team of researchers from University College London, which was based on more than 10,000 mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. As it turns out, unlike what we have heard in the media, there is no evidence that some varieties are more lethal and others have a large higher transmission rate. Of course, the virus, like all the others, is constantly mutating, but at the moment these changes have no effect on the issues of interest to us. And although SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus for us, it can be safely said that at the moment it is difficult to identify another one so scrupulously and on a mass scale studied.

Scientists from the GdaƄsk University of Technology and Lotos will jointly develop eco-asphalt for Polish roads

In September, we wrote about the latest research from Yale University, which clearly suggests that asphalt is a huge source of hazardous emissions, and that as much as 122.5 million tons of it is used annually worldwide, the problem is serious. What's more, according to scientists, we are somewhat deceived here by the construction industry, which ensures that it is a safe solution, because in fact our roads, sidewalks and roofs constantly - and long after laying - emit "a complex mixture of organic ingredients containing dangerous impurities" and the situation worsens threefold on hot days.

See the beautiful dance of Boston Dynamics robots on the occasion of the upcoming 2021

ATLAS, Spot and Handle surprise with new tricks in the latest video posted on YouTube by Boston Dynamics. We remind you that last month the company became the property of the Korean Hyundai, which intends to further develop the projects of amazing robots, but with a view to using them in the army. The military spares no funds for such technologies, and it is on the battlefields that they can be adopted the fastest.

Japan will build wooden satellites. They are to be fully ecological

It may sound bizarre, but the latest technologies make wood a material that will be stronger than steel. Futurologists even believe that humanity will return to the use of wood on a massive scale, e.g. in construction. In the next few years, skyscrapers are to be built of durable, safe and cheap-to-build wood in various parts of the world. Maybe there will also be time for cars ?!