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Lightning strikes on Jupiter can look so amazing

NASA's Juno probe has been studying Jupiter's dense atmosphere for 4 years. Thanks to her, we learned that it is an incredibly dynamically changing place. In addition to the constantly raging powerful cyclones there, gigantic lightning strikes are also created there.

The Rosetta probe captured the cosmic "snowfall" on comet 67P

A few years ago, the European Space Agency published raw images of comet 67p / Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the best-studied object of its type to date, taken at close range by an instrument called OSIRIS aboard the spacecraft.

Scientists from the GdaƄsk University of Technology and Lotos will jointly develop eco-asphalt for Polish roads

In September, we wrote about the latest research from Yale University, which clearly suggests that asphalt is a huge source of hazardous emissions, and that as much as 122.5 million tons of it is used annually worldwide, the problem is serious. What's more, according to scientists, we are somewhat deceived here by the construction industry, which ensures that it is a safe solution, because in fact our roads, sidewalks and roofs constantly - and long after laying - emit "a complex mixture of organic ingredients containing dangerous impurities" and the situation worsens threefold on hot days.

The Chinese built an airplane drive that allows you to fly around the Earth in 2 hours

The Chinese have improved the jet drive with a supersonic combustion chamber, which is considered the future of aviation. Their invention is called the Sodramjet. Engineers managed to overcome the difficulties of its operation at supersonic speeds. Well, the special design of the engine allowed the use of sound booms to accelerate combustion, which increased the efficiency of the system accordingly.

Here is the most accurate image of a sunspot ever taken from the surface of the Earth

The newest images come from the new Solar Telescope. Daniela K. Inouye, which was established on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Heliophysicists boast that they will now be able to monitor the processes that determine cosmic weather live. It is of great importance for the functioning of our planet, especially for space installations in Earth's orbit and for manned missions, e.g. to the International Space Station.

Light-activated material is a breakthrough in energy storage

Interestingly, the material can be activated with light and then release the collected energy on demand in the form of heat. Researchers began their work with organometallic structures (MOF - metal-organic framework), i.e. materials famous for their porosity and, consequently, their huge surface. This allows them to stick to a huge number of molecules, making them great at desalinating and filtering water, capturing carbon dioxide from the air, and delivering medicine to the body. In this new study, scientists from Lancaster decided to go a step further and see how MOF would handle energy storage.

Elon Musk says the powerful wealthy will not flee to Mars before Earth's destruction

Commenting on the final episode of HBO's four-part Axios documentary series, the head of SpaceX admitted that the most influential people on the planet will not want to live there and create their first colonies. The process of creating the first habitats will be very slow and will take many decades, if not centuries. The billionaire is sure that the rich not only will not want to participate in it, but also will not be safer on the surface of Mars than on Earth, because man is not made to live outside our planet.

Japan will build wooden satellites. They are to be fully ecological

It may sound bizarre, but the latest technologies make wood a material that will be stronger than steel. Futurologists even believe that humanity will return to the use of wood on a massive scale, e.g. in construction. In the next few years, skyscrapers are to be built of durable, safe and cheap-to-build wood in various parts of the world. Maybe there will also be time for cars ?!