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Apophis, the asteroid of doom is accelerating. The risk of collision with the Earth is increasing

Apophis is the name of the demon of darkness and chaos in ancient Egyptian mythology. This term is a perfect fit for an asteroid that is expected to hit our planet on Friday the 13th and end or change the future of our civilization. As more information was obtained about it, the vision of Earth's destruction began to recede, so it became quiet about it. Now, however, the topic returns as the latest data indicate that the risk of an impact has started to increase strongly.

A Virgin manned test flight to the edge of space will take place in November

If it goes along with Richard Branson and his team of skilled engineers, and all the signs in heaven and earth prove it, we can expect space tourism for ordinary people to finally become a reality at Christmas or after New Year. Virgin Galactic announced that the test flight is scheduled to take place between November 19 and 23.

Microorganisms Discovered on Atacama! Similar could / may exist on Mars

Scientists at Cornell University found a wide variety of microorganisms just tens of centimeters below the surface in Atacama's moist clay soil. Researchers are sure that this was how life flourished on Mars billions of years ago. Due to the extreme surface conditions that followed, the microorganisms hid beneath the surface where they protected themselves from radiation and low temperatures.

Robo-dogs were to serve us, but in the meantime they just appeared next to the soldiers

It has now become clear what the purpose of many companies building e.g. robo-dogs. The quadrupeds will join the soldiers, will be equipped with weapons and will serve them on the battlefields. The first of them just appeared in the ranks of the American Marines. A robot called Vision 60 and Minitaur was designed and built by Ghost Robotics.

Light-activated material is a breakthrough in energy storage

Interestingly, the material can be activated with light and then release the collected energy on demand in the form of heat. Researchers began their work with organometallic structures (MOF - metal-organic framework), i.e. materials famous for their porosity and, consequently, their huge surface. This allows them to stick to a huge number of molecules, making them great at desalinating and filtering water, capturing carbon dioxide from the air, and delivering medicine to the body. In this new study, scientists from Lancaster decided to go a step further and see how MOF would handle energy storage.

Matrix 4 and other blockbuster TV shows on release. HBO Max enters Poland

Of course, HBO cannot be accused of much in terms of the content of HBO Go, i.e. the materials available there, but in terms of quality, it is unfortunately a completely different league than the competition. It is enough to mention here that Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first movie broadcast by this streaming service in 4K quality, although for Netflix or Amazon Prime it has been standard for a long time (not to mention numerous problems of the application, which can be very irritating). It is true that we will wait a little longer, because the European HBO services will be replaced by the Max version only in the second half of next year, but this is undoubtedly great news.

NASA has unveiled the latest images of strange vortices raging in Jupiter's atmosphere

Jupiter is a gaseous planet. There is no mainland on it. Instead, it has an extremely dense atmosphere in which incredibly dynamic processes occur continuously. As a result, cyclones appear there, the images of which are terrifying. Most of them are found near the north and south poles of the planet.

Elon Musk says the powerful wealthy will not flee to Mars before Earth's destruction

Commenting on the final episode of HBO's four-part Axios documentary series, the head of SpaceX admitted that the most influential people on the planet will not want to live there and create their first colonies. The process of creating the first habitats will be very slow and will take many decades, if not centuries. The billionaire is sure that the rich not only will not want to participate in it, but also will not be safer on the surface of Mars than on Earth, because man is not made to live outside our planet.