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Apophis, the asteroid of doom is accelerating. The risk of collision with the Earth is increasing

Apophis is the name of the demon of darkness and chaos in ancient Egyptian mythology. This term is a perfect fit for an asteroid that is expected to hit our planet on Friday the 13th and end or change the future of our civilization. As more information was obtained about it, the vision of Earth's destruction began to recede, so it became quiet about it. Now, however, the topic returns as the latest data indicate that the risk of an impact has started to increase strongly.

Microorganisms Discovered on Atacama! Similar could / may exist on Mars

Scientists at Cornell University found a wide variety of microorganisms just tens of centimeters below the surface in Atacama's moist clay soil. Researchers are sure that this was how life flourished on Mars billions of years ago. Due to the extreme surface conditions that followed, the microorganisms hid beneath the surface where they protected themselves from radiation and low temperatures.

There is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 mutations alter the characteristics of CoVID-19

The analyzes were carried out by a team of researchers from University College London, which was based on more than 10,000 mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. As it turns out, unlike what we have heard in the media, there is no evidence that some varieties are more lethal and others have a large higher transmission rate. Of course, the virus, like all the others, is constantly mutating, but at the moment these changes have no effect on the issues of interest to us. And although SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus for us, it can be safely said that at the moment it is difficult to identify another one so scrupulously and on a mass scale studied.

Here is the most accurate image of a sunspot ever taken from the surface of the Earth

The newest images come from the new Solar Telescope. Daniela K. Inouye, which was established on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Heliophysicists boast that they will now be able to monitor the processes that determine cosmic weather live. It is of great importance for the functioning of our planet, especially for space installations in Earth's orbit and for manned missions, e.g. to the International Space Station.

The artificial 3D avatars of people from Samsung will flood the world media next year

For the first time in action, they could see NEON technology almost a year ago at the CES in Las Vegas. Now it turns out that its creators, i.e. STAR Labs, want to offer it to the first producers of smart devices, as well as companies operating in electronic media, next year.

See the beautiful dance of Boston Dynamics robots on the occasion of the upcoming 2021

ATLAS, Spot and Handle surprise with new tricks in the latest video posted on YouTube by Boston Dynamics. We remind you that last month the company became the property of the Korean Hyundai, which intends to further develop the projects of amazing robots, but with a view to using them in the army. The military spares no funds for such technologies, and it is on the battlefields that they can be adopted the fastest.