The Chinese built an airplane drive that allows you to fly around the Earth in 2 hours For some time now, Chinese scientists have been working intensively on an engine that will allow aircraft to accelerate to 20,000 km / h. It turns out that they achieved their goal. This is a real breakthrough in the aviation world.

The Chinese have improved the jet drive with a supersonic combustion chamber, which is considered the future of aviation. Their invention is called the Sodramjet. Engineers managed to overcome the difficulties of its operation at supersonic speeds. Well, the special design of the engine allowed the use of sound booms to accelerate combustion, which increased the efficiency of the system accordingly.

Until now, in Scramjet engines, sonic booms dampened combustion and lowered its efficiency sharply. The consumption Moviesider such engines was so enormous that their use was completely unprofitable. It is completely different with Sodramjet. Scientists boast that it is not only cheap to operate, but even ecological.

The Sodramjet engine has been tested at the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They made it possible to establish that the drive is stable and the aircraft equipped with it can accelerate up to 12,000 km / h. The problem is that the wind tunnel does not allow it to reach higher speeds, so scientists could not physically see if it could do more. Calculations have shown that the drive will easily accelerate the vehicle up to 20,000 km / h.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences wants to equip an experimental vehicle with this revolutionary hypersonic drive next year and organize the first aerial tests. "Thanks to reusable transatmospheric planes, we can take off horizontally from the airport runway, accelerate into orbit around the Earth, then re-enter the atmosphere and finally land at the airport," said scientists from the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Of course, the Sodramjet drive cannot work in outer space, because there is no oxygen there and it needs it to work, but it can accelerate the vehicle to 20,000 km / h, let it go into low orbit, and later, like a shuttle, it will return already on their own to Earth. The Chinese already have many application plans for vehicles equipped with such a drive.

Experts from the aviation world are sure that in this decade we can expect the construction of the first passenger plane with such a propulsion that will allow traveling around the entire planet in no more than 3-4 hours, and in the transport version only 2 hours.