The artificial 3D avatars of people from Samsung will flood the world media next year Samsung has created something that beyond recognition will change the reality of electronic media. So get ready for an even bigger dose of incredibly realistic fiction in the real world.

For the first time in action, they could see NEON technology almost a year ago at the CES in Las Vegas. Now it turns out that its creators, i.e. STAR Labs, want to offer it to the first producers of smart devices, as well as companies operating in electronic media, next year.

A few weeks ago, there was information that 3D avatars are to go to the new generation of Samsung smartphones with the designation S21, but this will artswww happen. STAR Labs has not disclosed the reasons for this decision, but experts believe the technology requires powerful computing power that smartphones do not yet offer. For a good start, NEON will appear in shopping malls, stores, media, intelligent assistants and infotainment devices in premium cars.

If you are interested in how this technology works, we are in a hurry to explain. In the attached video you can see some artificially generated avatars by artificial intelligence called Core R3. All indications are that Samsung intends to ultimately eliminate actors, extras and TV presenters, and then replace them with photo-realistic avatars that we cannot distinguish from real people.

Yes, all the characters that appeared in the footage do not exist in the real world. Interestingly, Paranav Mistry, the head of the NEON project, says that the characters were not created using the popular motion-capture technology, i.e. mapping a human in 3D and generating an avatar based on it, as it is done for movies and games.

Everything is dealt with by artificial intelligence, which not only controls the visual but also audio issues. Avatars can also communicate with us and provide us with valuable information in a myriad of languages. Samsung announces that NEON is a real technological breakthrough at the beginning of the 20s of the 21st century. Let's get ready that soon the global network will be flooded with artificial presenters, YouTubers, actors and all kinds of characters.