See the beautiful dance of Boston Dynamics robots on the occasion of the upcoming 2021 The most advanced robots in the world from Boston Dynamics are moving more and more efficiently. It is a pity that they will not be able to impress with their dance at the New Year's Eve party, but they will dance just for you.

ATLAS, Spot and Handle surprise with new tricks in the latest video posted on YouTube by Boston Dynamics. We remind you that last month the company became the property of the Korean Hyundai, which intends to further develop the projects of amazing robots, but with a view to using them in the army. The military spares no funds for such technologies, and it is on the battlefields that they can be adopted the fastest.

However, there is nothing bad that would not turn out to be good. There is a good chance that thanks to the army, they will finally become popular and eventually appear in our homes faster, where they will serve us during our daily activities.

Robots have undergone a huge change in recent years. Five years ago, they were powered by internal combustion engines, and thick cables emerged from their torsos. Today, machines are electrically powered, can be controlled remotely or can run in full autonomous mode. ATLAS can easily carry loads weighing several dozen kilograms through difficult terrain.

Boston Dynamics has already started selling a robot dog called Spot, and ATLAS will join it in 2 years. The goal is to build a humanoid machine that will not be inferior to humans when it comes to moving around and performing the most complex activities. It is not an easy task, but engineers are the best way to do it, as you can see in the footage above.

NASA recently announced that such machines are the future of space exploration. They are the astronauts who will perform the most dangerous tasks on space walks or outside bases that will be built on the Moon and Mars. The agency plans that the first robots will appear on the Silver Globe in the 20s of the 21st century.