Robo-dogs were to serve us, but in the meantime they just appeared next to the soldiers Companies involved in the development of robot technology for years have announced that such devices are created with a view to peaceful intentions and to help us in our daily lives. Unfortunately, they were fairy tales.

It has now become clear what the purpose of many companies building e.g. robo-dogs. The quadrupeds will join the soldiers, will be equipped with weapons and will serve them on the battlefields. The first of them just appeared in the ranks of the American Marines. A robot called Vision 60 and Minitaur was designed and built by Ghost Robotics.

Both machines resemble robotic dogs called Spot by Boston Dynamics. It is worth emphasizing here that this company was previously owned by DARPA, so they are based on the same technologies, but are intended for slightly different applications. The company's representatives inform that Vision 60 will serve alongside soldiers during military operations. It is to be equipped with the most modern observation equipment.

Meanwhile, the Minitaur will patrol military bases to ensure the highest level ARTS AND CINEMA security for soldiers and personnel. The robot can also support engineers and firefighters in the work. Ghost Robotics is set to unveil a brand new robot dog early next year. There will be a night vision and thermal imaging system on board. All robots can be controlled via a controller or smartphone. Of course, they can also move autonomously.

The Pentagon has allocated enormous financial resources in recent years to build the first brain-computer interface through which soldiers could communicate between themselves and robots. Ghost Robotics has slightly bigger plans than robo-dogs. The company works with the government to build the first robots for the Space Forces. The machines are to appear at the military space station planned by the Pentagon and the first US military facility on the surface of the moon.