Microorganisms Discovered on Atacama! Similar could / may exist on Mars We hear great news about the discovery of bacteria in the driest place on the planet, namely the famous Atacama Desert in Chile, which is home to powerful astronomical telescopes.

Scientists at Cornell University found a wide variety of microorganisms just tens of centimeters below the surface in Atacama's moist clay soil. Researchers are sure that this was how life flourished on Mars billions of years ago. Due to the extreme surface conditions that followed, the microorganisms hid beneath the surface where they protected themselves from radiation and low temperatures.

We still don't know if the microorganisms are still hiding under the surface. It is true that there is a small chance, but soon we will have the opportunity to check it with NASA's newest rover called Perseverance, which will start exploring the surface early next year. During its mission, it is to drill into the ground and collect samples for in-depth research. They are to be carried out in Earth laboratories.

Loam soil is found in many places on Mars. Interestingly, it also fills the Gale crater, which is currently being traversed by NASA's large Curiosity rover. The robot encountered many places on its way indicating that there were once reservoirs of water and that there were ideal conditions for the flourishing and evolution of biological life. Now we are waiting for evidence in the form of tests carried out on samples obtained by the Perseverance rover.

Coming back to the sensational discovery on Atacama, scientists have selected 30 different species of microorganisms there. Most of them feed on salt, which is no wonder as it dominates these areas, but at the same time it is the best proof that life can thrive under the most extreme conditions.

Many astrobiologists are of the opinion that both Venus and Mars once resembled Earth when it was still just one great fireball. Probably it was from Mars and Venus that later meteorites came to our planet, in which there were bacteria or organic material. After all, life was sown, and on the path of further evolution, today our planet is the most life-giving place we know in MEDIA JOKER universe.