Hackers promise to reveal the truth about the origins of the coronavirus on a Trump campaign page Cybercriminals got to the side of the presidential campaign of the incumbent US president and promised to reveal the truth about the coronavirus, if properly paid.

Interestingly, this time hackers are not demanding cryptocurrency from the Donald Trump administration, but are encouraging citizens to donate if they want to know the truth. A message appeared on the president's campaign website that they had access to secret conversations and top secret information, proving that the government of the current president is involved in the outbreak of the coronavirus. The website also featured a special FBI-style message, "This page has been seized", in which you can also read that the perpetrators, as a result of access to many devices, obtained information compromising the president and his relatives.

- The world is fed up with fake news distributed daily by President Donald J Trump. time to let the world know the truth, we read. Under this message, you can also find two Monero addresses to which interested parties can pay the mentioned popular cryptocurrency - why two? Interestingly, one money is to be paid by people interested in disclosing top-secret data, and the other by people who want the truth to remain hidden. At the end of the "action", the states of both accounts will be compared and the hackers will adjust to the "will of the world" and tell you which side has won.

The message was visible on the website for only a few minutes, but it is not known whether this was the intention of the attackers or whether the relevant American services acted. According to President Donald Trump's campaign spokesman, no sensitive data has been disclosed, also because it is not stored on the website. He also assured that they were cooperating with law enforcement agencies in determining the source of the attack, against which the consequences will be drawn. We also remind you that last week a Dutch security specialist gained access to Donald Trump's twitter account by simply guessing the president's password in 5 tries, because "mage2020!" it is clearly not the pinnacle of security (a magician, or make america great again - ed.). So the question is, what does the president's entourage do, if it is so easy to gain access to his accounts and websites?