Elon Musk says the powerful wealthy will not flee to Mars before Earth's destruction Many believe that the Red Planet will first become the future home of billionaires for whom it is to act as a safe haven in the event of a global cataclysm, but the head of SpaceX does not agree with this opinion.

Commenting on the final episode of HBO's four-part Axios documentary series, the head of SpaceX admitted that the most influential people on the planet will not want to live there and create their first colonies. The process of creating the first habitats will be very slow and will take many decades, if not centuries. The billionaire is sure that the rich not only will not want to participate in it, but also will not be safer on the surface of Mars than on Earth, because man is not made to live outside our planet.

The billionaire is sure that the first flights to Mars will be made by daredevils, lunatics and pioneers, the same as who reached the United States and set off to conquer the wild west. These people will not be billionaires and influencers. It will be people who work hard, have no time for entertainment, and live there constantly, knowing that they could get a one-way ticket and will never return to Earth.

The suggestions that billionaires will seek refuge on Mars and flee in time from the destruction of our planet are bogus. Musk believes that nothing like this will be possible for at least 4 decades. As for tickets for a trip to the Red Planet, he believes that they will cost several hundred thousand dollars in the beginning. Such sums will be within the reach of millionaires, but they will only be interested in travel, not in the question of taking part in the colonization of the planet, which may not come to fruition at all. Even the head of SpaceX himself does not want to go there on the first expedition, and is considering a flight there only when the basic infrastructure and conditions for normal existence for many people already exist there.

Musk announced some time ago that he would like to go to Mars, live there, and even die of old age there. Now he has spoken again on the matter. He said he hasn't changed his mind and still has plans like that, but right now he has a 70 percent chance of getting them done. The billionaire realizes that despite the great strides his company is making in the development of the space industry and space technology, there is still a long way to go to the first manned mission to the Red Planet and to create the right infrastructure there to support life so that he can risk and choose there safely and even live there.

So, neither the first, nor the second, nor even the third, there will be billionaires in the Red Plan, only daredevils who will not pay a penny for this trip, because the costs will be fully covered by NASA, the United States government and various organizations. If you want to do something good for the future of mankind and you are thinking of Mars, it is quite possible that Musk is talking about you. This is your chance. SpaceX is planning an unmanned flight to Mars with Starship as early as 2024, and a manned one in 2026.