New titles for the Star Wars films now it fits

“New” titles for the “Star Wars” films: now it fits!

Every now and then fans come up with ideas that surprise you so much that you even get a 123movie jealous. A “Star Wars” fan has now switched the titles of the films – and suddenly they fit almost perfectly.

George Lucas, J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson gave their Star Wars films titles that they found appropriate. But sometimes the best ideas come to you when you have a little distance from the creative process.

A video has now been posted on TikTok in the fake.disney.facts account suggesting a renaming of the nine “Star Wars” main films – no new titles are invented, but the existing titles are assigned to other films (e.g. “Star Wars 1” is no longer called “The Phantom Menace”, but “The Rise of Skywalker”).

The video went off like a Jawa on Spice over the weekend and of course it also reached Mark Hamill, who is already very active in social networks and who approvingly shared the video:

NOW it all makes sense!

NOW it all makes sense!

The newly assigned “Star Wars” titles in the overview:

The newly assigned “Star Wars” titles in the overview:

“Episode 6: The Last Jedi” doesn’t really fit because it only refers to Luke, who will become the last living Jedi after Yoda’s death. But the German translation of the original title “The Last Jedi” in “The Last Jedi” is to blame for this. It is wrong in that Rian Johnson expressly only meant one Jedi, old Luke, with “The Last Jedi”; “Episode 6: The Last Jedi” would fit.

Fits better

That being said, the newly assigned titles are each very appropriate and it can even be argued that some of them fit better:

In “Episode 3”, for example, the Jedi are suddenly attacked by their own clone troops in the surprising “Red Wedding” moment of the “Star Wars” saga. It would therefore make sense to call the film “Attack of the Clone Warriors” – especially since that sounds hostile and the attack by the clone warriors actually meant in “Episode 2” is a campaign to support the Jedi, which is directed against the evil droids.

“Revenge of the Sith”, on the other hand, fits wonderfully with “Episode 2”, because the attack on the Jedi, the clone wars that began and the expansion of power by Chancellor Palpatine belong to an old Sith plan of revenge.

Another excellent title swap is that of “Episode 1” and “Episode 9”: Where many viewers of “Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker” didn’t know exactly which Skywalker actually rose, see the matter with “Episode 1 “completely different:

The rise of Skywalker would clearly mean that of little Anakin, who turns from a slave to a Jedi padawan. And “The Phantom Menace” in “Episode 9” would of course be that of the returned Emperor.

All “Star Wars” films (including spin-offs such as “Rogue One” or the unspeakable “The Clone Wars” film) can be viewed with a subscription from Disney. If you take out a subscription via the affiliate link, you would also support without the price changing for you.

Finally New image from Jurassic World 3 promises answers – and reveals connection to Jurassic Park 2

Finally: New image from “Jurassic World 3” promises answers – and reveals connection to “Jurassic Park 2”

With “Jurassic World: Dominion” director Colin Trevorrow will strengthen the connection to Steven Spielberg’s original trilogy. Not only do some returnees speak for this in front of the camera, but now also a new photo from the set.

“Jurassic World” and “Jurassic World 2: The Fallen Kingdom” grossed almost three billion dollars worldwide. And so that part 3 will be a complete success, director Colin Trevorrow is now placing great emphasis on dinosaurs that look as real as possible. In order to also attract all fans of Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” series to the cinemas, the original trilogy will play a particularly important role in “Jurassic World 3: Dominion”.

For example, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern plunge into a dinosaur adventure for the first time since “Jurassic Park 3”, in which their “World” successors Chris Pratt (“Guardians Of The Galaxy”) and Bryce Dallas Howard ( “The Help”) are part of the game. A new snapshot from the set now also underlines the stronger reference to the “Jurassic Park” series – or especially to Part 2, “Forgotten World – Jurassic Park”:

A new snapshot from the set now also underlines the stronger reference to the “Jurassic Park” series

Trevorrow Teases a Return to Isla Sorna in New Set Picture from

Trevorrow Teases a Return to Isla Sorna in New Set Picture from

Dino embryos from Jurassic Park 2 Island?

In the picture that director Trevorrow recently shared with fan site Jurassic Outpost, we see a cooling container that is labeled to store valuable cargo – and which may be dinosaur embryos (or something similar). And not about any …

In addition to an inscription referring to the biotechnology company InGen founded by John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), “Isla Sorna” and “Site B” suggest that the content comes from the island on which large parts of “Jurassic Park 2” play. In the former breeding and production facility “Plant B”, after “Jurassic Park”, numerous dinosaurs lived without fences in their natural ecosystem.

“Isla Sorna” and “Site B” suggest that the content comes from the island on which large parts of “Jurassic Park 2” are set.

“Jurassic World 3”: You want to listen more to the fans again

For fans of the series, this should now be reason to hope that we will finally find out in “Dominion” what actually happened on Isla Sorna after “Jurassic Park 3”. While the “World” films are set on Isla Nublar, there is hardly any information about the nearby island, on which, however, dinosaur DNA is said to have continued to be used in secret. In a little less than a year at the latest, we should be smarter.

For fans of the series, this should now be reason to hope that we will finally find out in “Dominion” what actually happened on Isla Sorna after “Jurassic Park 3”.

Jurassic World 3 will hit theaters on June 10, 2021. Before it’s that far, however, the dinosaur universe expands in the home theater …

Jurassic World 3 will hit theaters on June 10, 2021.

Coming soon on Netflix: Jurassic World: New Adventures

While the production studio Universal in the USA concluded a deal with the cinema chain AMC for a cinema window that only lasts 17 days, they have also begun to work up successful blockbuster series in an appealing way for younger YESMOVIES. – directly in the home theater.

After the animation series “Fast

5 Zombie Movies to Watch Online

From the famous Welcome to Zombieland, to the discreet Cargo, via the blockbuster World War Z: discover five zombie films to watch online

The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available when you read it. Thanks for your understanding.

WORLD WAR Z (2013)
World War Z is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by the American writer and screenwriter Max Brooks, particularly active in zombie pop-culture. Directed by Marc Forster five years after the success of his first feature, Quantum of Solace , the film focuses on only one of the many protagonists of the original book: Gerry Lane. This former United Nations investigator, brilliantly played by Brad Pitt, must resume service to stop a pandemic that turns humans into fearsome cannibals, while protecting his family. The breathtaking rhythm of its staging and its striking special effects make up the whole nature of this film which was quickly relegated to the rank of blockbuster. Positive point since it makes it accessible to a wider audience despite its horrific genre and its ban on children under 12. A very special mention to the music of Marco Beltrami, composer of Scream and Resident Evil, as well as to Muse’s contribution to the soundtrack, which greatly contribute to the scary atmosphere of this adaptation.

Seok-woo, a divorced trader, accompanies his daughter on a train trip when a state of emergency is declared across South Korea. A mysterious virus is spreading across the country, bringing humans back to their wildest instincts. And unfortunately, an infected person has just boarded a wagon… The disaster scenario of the Last Train For Busan is a direct follow-up to the animated film Seoul Station, released the same year and also directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Its deep characters and its behind closed doors, in a train launched at full speed, make the film particularly oppressive and effective. As an underlying critic of the company, this feature is now regularly cited as one of the best zombie films of all time and has been awarded in the “best film” category at numerous festivals. His sequel, Peninsula, is part of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2020 and is expected in French cinemas for the end of October.

CARGO (2018)
Exclusive to the Netflix catalog, Cargo is the remake of an eponymous short film made in 2013 by the same directors as the film. In a post-apocalyptic world, an unknown virus transforms the population into a zombie 48 hours after infection. This is the case of Andy, a widower and father, who has only two days to find a trusted person to leave his baby with, before becoming himself an undead. This unpretentious feature manages to take up the codes of the genre while showing originality thanks to its angle, focused on the protection of the family rather than on the survival instinct. With Martin Freemanat the top of the bill, the bet is launched on the dramatic interpretation of its actors. Exit the gore scenes and the jump scare typical of this kind of films, here, we prefer to play on the emotions and on the beauty of the Australian landscapes, while nature becomes wild again, in the same way as humans.

Screened at several international festivals, including that of Gérardmer, and winner of a dozen awards, with Les Affamés, Quebec horror cinema is not to be outdone. In this film by Robin Aubert, a group of survivors plunges into the woods to escape their loved ones who have become cannibals following a pandemic. If the scenario may seem trivial given its theme, it stands out for its artistic and psychological approach. The still shots and minimized dialog make it more of an author’s film than a horror. But the general atmosphere is nonetheless very anxious and the characters, varied and well developed. In the casting, we find in particular Marc-André Grondin, multi-award-winning actor that we could see at the head of L’Homme qui rit in 2012, alongside Gérard Depardieu . Just as many elements that allow spectators to completely immerse themselves in this universe where the threat occurs at any time and from any corner of the Quebec forest.

Since its release in 2009, and after a resounding success, the horror comedy Zombieland has become a reference in the genre. In this quirky parody that is reminiscent of the equally famous Shaun of the Dead released five years earlier, we follow the evolution of a group of survivors in the post-apocalyptic period: a zombie hunter in search of his favorite cookies, a sissy student and two young women with strong characters. The adventures of this improbable quartet performed by Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, marked an entire generation with their scenes of hard-hitting actions and their gags always well dosed. Although its basic idea may lack originality, the film works by its derision and its respect for the codes of the genre. An assumed delirium which gave rise to a suite released in October 2019: Return to Zombieland. The opportunity to find the same characters ten years after the events of the first part.

Despite billions hit no Hollywood breakthrough Aladdin actor does not get any more roles

Despite billions hit no Hollywood breakthrough: “Aladdin” actor does not get any more roles

One might think that after playing the lead role in a Disney mega-blockbuster, is a very Hollywood feet. but that it can look very different now “Aladdin” star Mena Massoud told amazingly honest.

With a worldwide box office earnings of 1.05 billion US dollars Disney’s “Aladdin” -Realverfilmung is currently ranked 6 of the most successful films of 2019. The main role in the mega-blockbuster plays the previously largely unknown Mena Massoud. And one might think that such a blockbuster would open the door to Hollywood very much – but at least in the case of the 28-year-old Canadian is far from it, as he revealed in an extensive and impressive honest interview with The Daily Beast.

“The great truth that it has brought me nothing big,” admits Massoud, “I have no more desire to remain silent. I want people to know that not everything is rosy, if you like, Aladdin has done something ‘. He must have earned millions. but he has to get all these offers. ‘None of this is true. I had not a single audition came out since, Aladdin ‘. ”

He must have earned millions. but he has to get all these offers. ‘None of this is true. I had not a single audition came out since, Aladdin ‘. “

No Rumgeweine but an important clarification

Daily Beast reporter Kevin Fallon, who has led the interview with Mena Massoud, however, makes it very clear to the statements made by the actor at no time like “rumweinen or complain in ungrateful manner” could be heard. Rather, he wanted to drive out the mistaken belief that you can and have ausgesorgt no more problems if you have played a major role in a successful blockbuster.

“I sit there and tell me, ‘OK, my film has just recorded a billion, I can at least get an audition’ I did not expect so that you, Batman me ‘or something offering?. I just want to get a chance. It’s not always what you think, “complains Massoud.

Okay, my film has just recorded a billion, I can at least get an audition? ‘I did not expect so, that to me, Batman’ offering or something.

“Reprisal” as a new opportunity?

At least one iron has Mena Massoud but not in the fire: He plays a greater role in the thriller series “Reprisal”, which starts in the US on December 6. This part, he landed in a casting after the of “Aladdin”, but before this premiere.

Whether he now sees this as a new opportunity to recommend in Hollywood for roles? Even that Massoud has an answer – and that is not exactly optimistic: “Since, Aladdin ‘I, for that matter, clearly scaled back my expectations. I have no idea really know if I will discover people thereby. I can not tell you how these things work anymore. ” Watch Aladdin online

But even if “Reprisal” Massoud also brings no further auditions, we’ll certainly have not seen him for the last time. That “Aladdin 2” comes, is in fact not so unlikely – and for that he must probably not even do an audition.


The Crown Claire Foy returns in the fourth season of the Netflix series as Queen Elizabeth II returns

“The Crown”: Claire Foy returns in the fourth season of the Netflix series as Queen Elizabeth II returns.

In the first two seasons of the Netflix series “The Crown” Claire Foy Queen Elizabeth II played., In the third season she was replaced by Olivia Colman. For the fourth season Foy is now again as Queen front of the camera. We know why.

For her portrayal of Queen Anne in “The Favorite” actress Olivia Colman won an Oscar. In the third season of Netflix series “The Crown”, in which she plays Queen Elizabeth II. She was so perfectly prepared.

Although Colman quite outstanding like us in their role, we have of course Claire Foy, who played the young queen in the first two “The Crown” squadrons, not forgotten. And it seems like there will be a reunion with the 35-year-old. Because Foy has already been spotted on the set of the new episodes of the fourth season!

Because Foy has already been spotted on the set of the new episodes of the fourth season!

Claire Foy celebrates birthday Flashback

As the Daily Mail reported and substantiated with a set of photo, Foy has for more episodes of the popular Netflix series transformed once more into Elizabeth II.. Demzugfolge filming a scene in which she sits behind a BBC microphone and speaks to the 21st birthday of Elizabeth via radio to the people. The comparison with original recordings clearly shows that so well that event was reproduced.

Of course, Colman will play the main role in the fourth season, the cast for the next season already ordered is known, has long been established. Foy will therefore probably only be seen in a flashback. Whether it is a flashback in this, or whether it plays in other scenes remains to be seen.

Foy will therefore probably only be seen in a flashback

Who plays Queen Elizabeth II. On the 5th and 6th season?

A few days ago the Daily Mail reported that the “Harry Potter” actress Imelda Staunton will play in the fifth and sixth season of “The Crown” the aged queen. However, a statement from Netflix to the rumor was not long in coming:

We “Currently turn the fourth season of ‘The Crown’, more seasons have been not yet been commissioned. News regarding this matter must be described as pure speculation “, the streaming provider of a press officer was announce. It remains so exciting.

Without Johnny Depp the state of Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Without Johnny Depp: the state of “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”

“Pirates Of The Caribbean” brought fresh air into the dead pirate movie genre, but now languishes the series only as to himself. A reboot to her – in which Johnny Depp should play no role.

No one has expected before theatrical release with how much fun “Pirates of the Caribbean” (evening on ProSieben today) would do: The genre was dead, the film is not based on a story, but on a theme park attraction – but “Pirates Of The Caribbean” surprised as brisk pirate adventure of the old school, with Johnny Depp in an unprecedented role as a befuddled-flamboyant buccaneer.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” series needs restart

But 16 years later the air is out: None of the sequels was as fun as the original, decreased viewership and the former star Johnny Depp is shunned in Hollywood. Depp’s future in “Fantastic Beasts” series is uncertain and for “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, a return, after all, what you hear, excluded. The abuse allegations his ex-wife Amber Heard may have destroyed the image of the actor, already known for alcohol and drug escapades.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” without Depp – but who else?

However, Disney does not seem quite to know what you actually want to still do with the series. Already “Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides” was a kind of restart, with a focused instead in parts 2 and 3 completely sprawling plot – to today but hardly anyone remembers: Yes, Penelope Cruz played even a pirate, to opposite Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow, but it happened in a so solid as egalen film.

“Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Salazar’s Revenge” had the series then add absolutely nothing new, and stood out, apart from a few good action scenes, again only Johnny Depp. A successor or – typical of Disney movies these days – to find a successor is likely to be difficult. For Depp tuntig-torkeliger pirate is absolutely unique and therefore one of the bemerkenswertesten blockbuster figures at all.

A “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” -Drehbuch at least not yet exist. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ( “Dead Pool,” “Zombieland”) should write the script, however, the project left again right fix. Now it’s Terry Rossio, registered author of the series, to think something new together with Craig Mazin – Mazin gave the haunting, exciting “Chernobyl” just a series of games of the year Epic Movie News. Whether the duo provide the necessary fresh air and find an equivalent replacement Sparrow?


Flat shallow We are the wave This is why the new Netflix series is not worth

Flat, shallow, “We are the wave”: This is why the new Netflix series is not worth

The new German Netflix series was announced as the new interpretation of the Schullektüre classic “The Wave”. “We are the wave” now has almost nothing to do with the starting material, but that’s not the problem …

Morton Rhues novel “The Wave” is still one of many high schools determined the curriculum. So that the explosive material many will be familiar, makes it ideal course for adaptations – especially as the story is based on true events about the emergence of fascist structures is more relevant than ever today. The makers of the new German Netflix series “We are the wave” have now been inspired by this template, the familiar story but did not want to just warm up again, after they have successfully filmed this in 2008 with Jürgen Vogel in the lead role.

Instead, they miss the whole thing a 180 degree rotation with a different focus, which offers a completely new story and book and film connoisseurs – which ultimately but fails on many levels.

Completely new approach

The starting point of “We are the wave” is different from the real and fictionalized templates no school experiment an ambitious teacher, which then takes on a frightening shape. The eponymous movement arises this time from its own impetus of a group of young people – or at least from half-way on their own initiative, the outsiders Rahim get (Mohamed Issa), Zazie (Michelle Barthel) and Hagen (Daniel Friedl) and the well-heeled, but dissatisfied Lea ( Luise Befort) but a nudge from her mysterious new classmate Tristan (Simon Ludwig).

With his charm and world view of the rebel encouraged his new friends to rebel against the capitalist system and the ruling grievances, so perhaps to provide even more justice and equality. Together they start getting bolder protests that threaten but soon to get out of hand …

Once everything: At the cutting edge

Instead of a Nazi parable we get in “We are the wave” so rather left anarchy – and this is a quite smart and contemporary approach. In a time in which a fascist grouping has even made it into the Bundestag, it seems nowadays unfortunately obsolete closer accommodate unbelieving students the attraction of such flows. Instead, they are the next step and is dedicated to the response to these (and countless other social problems) and the mood that prevails nowadays in fact many young people. That while the more up to date wants to be, already makes the very first scene clearly for media joker.

Instead of a Nazi parable we get in “We are the wave” so rather left anarchy – and this is a quite smart and contemporary approach.

When the wave quintet in a Provident infiltrated the meeting of a political party called NFD, one must not only look at the little modified logo or the party colors in order to understand the AFD allusion. So looking forward to looking at it first, what do the makers of this particular current reference, are these first few minutes of “We are the wave” but actually already emblematic of the failings of the Netflix series – although the revealed until later partly right.

Mere finger pointing, nothing behind

The approach of “We are the wave” may be reasonably clever, the references are only partially and have probably something of silly parody as a critical analogy (next to the NFD there are about even the German weapons manufacturer hoe & Abt). You could undoubtedly still get over if the makers of the series at least had something to say.

The Chosen objectives are made not undeserved in the pillory, a mere finger-pointing is rarely comes out here. Rather than dealing really intense with a problem and so perhaps to stimulate an interesting discourse that many subjects covered are (with very few exceptions) simply ticked superficial and flat on the criticism of the system Checklist – of gentrification and climate change on meat consumption and capitalism to weapons violence and right. Perhaps here more would have been less.

Rather than dealing with a problem really intense and so perhaps to stimulate an interesting discourse that many subjects covered are (with very few exceptions) ticked simply superficial and flat on the criticism of the system checklist

Good conditions

Here, the foundation for an entertaining and enlightening series foods would be perfectly placed. have to and sometimes beyond the border illegally settled actions of the wave just with further progress aware of a slightly bitter taste, but fall also thanks to the brisk staging mostly once whimsically from (here most of the creative energy is probably flowed). Big plus here is the dynamics of the main characters.

Big plus here is the dynamics of the main characters.

Despite fluctuating theatrical quality within the clique of cohesion of the five youths in the center of the plot is accessed quickly – have what, above all, their leader and its occurrence large proportion. In Tristan, the authors carry much too thick (the newcomer is not only obercool, intelligent and good-looking, but can also play the piano and is fluent in Arabic). It is also striking thanks to actor Louis Simon ( “My devilishly good friend”) but not difficult to accept, as Tristan’s new classmates can be infected by the enthusiasm of the charming, but it certainly also manipulative daredevil.

About constructed plot

The first half of “We are the wave” thus gets far less to stumble as the second, where you still can make a piece fall far to the figure, preliminary work, but which is increasingly permeated by outrageous developments. Everything is eventually more bad than good subordinate to a pre-made plot. Linking obviously rigidly fixed in advance story stations is quite awkward.

Linking obviously rigidly fixed in advance story stations is quite awkward.

The little credible as on professional preparation of some actions (which is probably not hardly shown no reason) often stands in stark contrast to her bumbling failure. In Torn story strands such as the danger of the momentum (after all, the essence of the document (s)) or a dark secret of Tristan are partly dropped suddenly at odds with previous events, to bend only to the story unconvincing in a certain direction.

After all, over quickly

There has to be more dramatic? Then we let our police cartoon but shoot a multi-lane highway across our protagonists. The shaft should inject at one of the largest defense companies in Europe? As our figures why not take a student internship (!) In the arms factory to sneak past the three (!) Incompetent guards.

The Good: Before the wave series really silted up because of all these problems, the whole thing is already over. Real lengths do not come in just six episodes of the first season at least, a lasting impression but not leaving the seen.

The Good: Before the wave series really silted up because of all these problems, the whole thing is already over.


This wave will remain flat. The makers of “We are the wave” guide their project with good intentions and a few engaging protagonists first in exciting tracks. The insubstantial and constructed processing of actually as relevant topics can be the effect of the promising substance but fizzle out quickly.

The insubstantial and constructed processing of actually as relevant topics can be the effect of the promising substance but fizzle out quickly.

All six episodes of the first season of “We are the wave” can be downloaded now from Netflix.


After Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters So it goes with the monster verses later

After “Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters”: So it goes with the monster verses later

The legendary movie monster in a universe: This is the idea behind the monster verses – the third part of “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” is now available for home theater. We look so forward, resulting in “Godzilla Vs. Kong could happen. “

Attention, followed spoiler to “Godzilla: King of the Monsters!”

Attention, followed spoiler to “Godzilla: King of the Monsters!”

Three films includes the monster verses of Legendary Films and Warner Bros with “Godzilla” (2014), “Kong: Skull Iceland” (2017) and “Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters” now and “Godzilla Vs. Kong “comes on 12 March 2020, a fourth work to do so.

The credits of Michael Dougherty Kaiju Actio former “King Of The Monsters” already led directly to the next part of the series. But what the final images from the second “Godzilla” -Solofilm the series actually tell us about the future of Monster verses?

Something is going on Skull Iceland

Coexistence with the monsters: During the credits at the film’s numerous newspaper articles and reports are displayed in which seemingly supernatural events is the speech that consequently have to do with the prehistoric giants around Godzilla and King Kong. Besides references in a variety of creatures that now as mutos (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) are known and are now more or less live side by side with the people, also home to the giant ape plays a role: Skull Iceland movies front.

Coexistence with the monsters:

Clear evidence of Skull Iceland: There were detected unusual activity on the island, the measurements make it clear: Something is not right here with things to. Whether it’s on the island but, ultimately, to the great battle between the two title monsters from the upcoming “Godzilla Vs. Kong comes “or whether the latter might equal leaves his home at the beginning of the film, remains to be seen. Either way, we expect that after: will go again to the supposedly paradise island “Kong Skull Iceland”!

Clear evidence of Skull Iceland:

Return Ghidorah & Co. back?

The monsters are still alive: “King Of The Monsters” Although ends with a spectacular fight the high rise high prehistoric critters, right final character but does not end. Rodan, which could be best described as a kind of pterosaurs and the wounded giant moth Mothra survive the events. And Ghidorah is far away from the window.

The monsters are still alive:

Awaits us Mecha-King Ghidorah? As the end credits scene in the film explains, one of the three heads Ghidorah has in fact survived the battle with Godzilla – and comes just in the hands of the eco-terrorists Alan Jonah (Charles Dance). What he does with it before, is not explained, but who is familiar with the Kaiju world knows, of course, that the dragon-like beast already emerged in the course of its history as a cyborg. It is therefore quite conceivable that King Ghidorah is also in the course of the Monster verses for laser-firing Mecha-King Ghidorah.

Awaits us Mecha-King Ghidorah?

Removed credits scene: Mothra and the twins

More Mothra? Particularly exciting will be to see where Mothra story leads. An additional post-credits scene, which however did not succeed ultimately in the film, sets out a possible direction.

More Mothra?

This happens in the scene: Zhang Ziyi’s character discovers an ancient temple, as we see him briefly at the beginning of the film. Her twin sister (also Zhang Ziyi) added encounters, after which the two jointly enter the chamber. But the fact that women find not just another Mothra egg, but also two little girls, also twins who sing Mothra (well-known) song to communicate with her.

This happens in the scene:

So director Michael Dougherty alludes to the twin priestesses who have telepathic abilities and the flying behemoth since his first solo film “Mothra” (1961) are at your side. They too could in the fourth monster verses film play a role quite yet.

“Godzilla Vs. Kong”: A new edition

New duel, old enemies: Who can not wait to see meet the two cult monster who can take the time to the theatrical release of “Godzilla Vs. Kong “sell on March 12, 2020, taking others with the first match between the two – because King Kong and Godzilla came in 1962 already in the way. In contrast to the first edition of the duel, which is known in this country as the “King Kong vs. Godzilla” or “slaughter of the giants,” “Godzilla Vs. confirmed Kong “director Adam Wingard, however, already: In his film, there will be a clear winner!

New duel, old enemies:

The Stars: Who will triumph ultimately, and what that means for the future of Monster verses, we learn next spring. On the human side await us in the Clash of the Titans, among others, Alexander Skarsgård ( “Legend Of Tarzan”), Rebecca Hall ( “The Town”), Eiza Gonzalez ( “Hobbs & Shaw”) and the two returnees Millie Bobby Brown ( “Godzilla “) and Kyle Chandler (” Godzilla 2: King of the monsters “.

Die Stars:

“Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters” is available (also in 3D and 4K) since October 3, 2019 as a video-on-demand and, since October 31 on DVD and Blu-ray. “Godzilla Vs. Kong “is running in German cinemas on 12 March 2020th

“Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters” is available (also in 3D and 4K) since October 3, 2019 as a video-on-demand and, since October 31 on DVD and Blu-ray. “Godzilla Vs. Kong “is running in German cinemas on 12 March 2020th

After Game Of Thrones the way it should in the prequels The Long Night and move on Dance of the Dragon

After “Game Of Thrones” the way it should in the prequels “The Long Night” and move on “Dance of the Dragon”

Even after “Game Of Thrones” expect probably still more adventures in Westeros. Two spin-off series are particularly advanced: “The Long Night” (working title: “Blood Moon”) and “Fire and Blood” aka “The Dance of the Dragon”.

Now “Game Of Thrones” So also in German Free-TV is over. The White Walkers have been defeated, the war is over, Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) sits on the Iron Throne, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is dead, Arya (Maisie Williams) sets off on a trip around the world, Sansa (Sophie Turner) prevails in the north and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was exiled.

But just because the Song of Ice and Fire is now all told on television, that does not mean that it will not do it again is a reunion with Westeros. On the contrary, there are numerous spin-offs in development, two of which are even very advanced, “The Long Night” and “The Dance of the Dragon”.

“The Long Night” aka “Bloodmoon”

What’s this? The title Long night in the first prequel series called an era in the history of Westeros, which is several thousand years before the events of “Game Of Thrones”. At that time, the so-called era of heroes came to an end by the first invasion of the White Walkers in Westeros.

What’s this?

Why is? According to a first, but very vague synopsis is “The Long Night” (the title is by the way not yet officially) show the transition of the world from the age of heroes in the long night and doing some surprises on the history of Westeros, the origin of the keep ready white walkers, the mysteries of the East and the Stark family.

Why is?

Which figures occur? then known from “Game Of Thrones” Westeros continent looked quite different, because the Seven Kingdoms did not exist. However, at that time already the ancestors of famous families, especially the aforementioned Stark family lived cinemascanner. But Lann The Clever (German: Lenn the crafty), founder of the House Lannister, was living already. Many actors are already confirmed (the complete list can be found here), but their roles are not yet known.

Which figures occur?

When will “The Long Night”? The pilot episode of “The Long Night” was filmed in the summer of 2019 in Belfast. If and when the pilot and the series will then be broadcast depends on whether HBO is convinced of the quality. Before the summer of 2020, however, we should not expect, as well as HBO’s chief Casey Bloys said.

When will “The Long Night”?

“Fire and Blood” aka “The Dance of the Dragon”

What’s this? The second prequel series based on George R. R. Martins fictitious history book “Fire and Blood” (which, however, probably not the title of the series will be). (Ie the ancestors of Daenerys) In it he tells of the conquest of Westeros by the native of the city-state Valyria family Targaryen and their history.

What’s this?

Why is? The series adaptation, however, will focus on a particular period in the history of the Targaryen dynasty: the so-called Dance of the Dragon (what an obvious title for the series would be). At that time there was a bloody civil war between two rival fractions Targaryen, which began in 129 (and 170 years before the events of “Game Of Thrones”).

Why is?

Which figures occur? At the center of the civil war two children of King Viserys I .: stood his daughter from his first marriage, Rhaenyra, and his son from his second marriage, Aegon II. That these three Targaryen will occur, that is obvious. But many other great houses – including Arryn, Velaryon, Hightower / High Tower, Stark, Lannister and Baratheon – took part in the war. Actors have been, however, no obligation.

Which figures occur?

When will “The Dance of the Dragon”? Although the work on the second prequel series is also quite advanced, but nowhere near as much as “The Long Night”. According to the original message to HBO before are about to give a pilot episode of “The Dance of the Dragon” in order. We assume that the series – if it can convince at all – did not appear at the 2021st

When will “The Dance of the Dragon”?

The Batman This is the strange inspiration for Robert Pattinsons voice in the upcoming DC blockbuster

“The Batman”: This is the strange inspiration for Robert Pattinson’s voice in the upcoming DC blockbuster!

Whether “Batman” -Zeichentrickserie or “The Dark Knight,” the deep voice of the Dark Knight is so iconic as the design of the Batmobile. Robert Pattinson revealed now as his voice in “The Batman” should sound – and who has inspired them.

The voice of Batman is one of his trademarks, just like the Batmobile, the Batcave or aversion to clowns with tasteless humor. In the US, many fans prefer above all the voice of Kevin Conroy, who spoke to bat man in the “Batman” -Zeichentrickserie. In this country, probably the most viewers, however, especially Christian Bale’s growling version of the Bat-voice in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy have remained in my memory (which is interpreted in the German version of David Nathan).

“The Batman” actor Robert Pattinson has now revealed how his Bat-voice will listen – and who the inspiration has come for this: According to information provided Pattinson The in his “Batman” voice of the Pirate tone of his ” Lighthouse “colleagues Willem Dafoe oriented. Asked about Willem Dafoe’s voice in “The Lighthouse” and its similarity to the voice of Batman, Pattinson said in an interview with Access Hollywood:

According to information provided Pattinson has in his “Batman” voice oriented to the Pirate tone of his “The Lighthouse” colleagues Willem Dafoe.

“Willems voice was there actually quite inspiring. It is the voice that I’m going to use, very similar. I think Batman has somehow a pirate-like voice. I think that would suit him. “

“The Batman” with pirate voice?

Whether Dafoe’s “pirate-like voice” is actually suitable for the Dark Knight, everyone may decide on the basis of the OV-trailer of “The Lighthouse” for themselves artsandcinema. The bass-heavy grumbling by Christian Bale and Ben Affleck in any case they do not seem to be dissimilar. Whether Also the German Batman voice actor is guided by “The Lighthouse” analog, still seems unlikely – know we are but it probably only after the first trailer for “The Batman”.

“The Batman” will end in June 2021 come to German cinemas. “The Lighthouse” will be seen as early as November 28 of 2019.

“The Batman” will end in June 2021 come to German cinemas. “The Lighthouse” will be seen as early as November 28 of 2019.